School Enrichment Programs

School Enrichment Programs
sep_banner1Italian Kaleidoscope: A cultural enrichment program PK-8
Italian Kaleidoscope is a cultural enrichment program for schools and libraries that introduces children in grades PK-8 to the Italian culture through creative themes and platforms. Teachers, PTA Committees, and Librarians can match our programs with their current units of study on:

  • Social Studies/Travel/Geography
  • Science
  • Music
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Foreign Language Week
  • Multi-Cultural Festivals
Our Creative, Interactive Programs, Brought to Your Institution
Meet Pinocchio, the beloved Italian marionette. Children will be introduced to Pinocchio through an interactive song, giant story book, and end with a marionette craft of the character. An Italian language component on body parts can be integrated upon request.

Tutti a Carnevale!
Meet the characters of Italy’s famous Carnevale Celebration: Columbina, Arlecchino, Pulcinella and Brighella. Students learn about the colorful Italian Carnevale and how children in Italy celebrate this spectacular tradition. They will enjoy puppetry, story time, and finish off with a mask-making workshop.

Our Classic Mommy & Me in Italian
Perfectly suited for library programs, Carolina engages mothers or care-takers with their infants and toddlers in a whimsical array of song, rhyme, and movement in Italian. Perfetto!

A Day in Venice!
Become a Gondoliere for a day as we explore the canals and sights of Venice. Experience includes dressing like a gondoliere, rowing like one and singing like one. Story time and craft to follow.

A Walk Through the Foro Romano
With a multi-media presentation as a backdrop, children will be escorted back in time to an ancient roman civilization. We will walk through the streets of the Roman Forum, the ancient center of commerce and social life, and meet bakers, bankers and baths! Children will learn about daily life in Ancient Rome passing through our virtual museum. If computers are available, they can make a Roman mosaic online.

Insert Your Idea Here
Call Carolina, tell her about your event’s special needs and she will create a program that will inform, entertain and succeed.