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Online Fun


Listen to one of our students tell the story of Capuccetto Rosso
Il Coccodrillo Come Fa?
Mi Scappa la Pipi, Papa
Peppa Pig La Piscina in Italiano
L’Albero Azzurro – Filastrocca

Activities & Coloring Pages

Christopher Columbus

Cristoforo Colombo Maze

Contare con Cristoforo Colombo

hiden pix Cristoforo Columbus

Cristoforo Colombus Coloring Page

coloring book columbus

Butterfly Shapebook

Fiocco di neve

Happy Earth Day

Pupazzo di neve

il cappello di lana

la sciarpa

le manopole

Mio libro dell Italia


Orso polare

Our Favorite Italian Sites for Children
This particular activity allows children to listen to an Italian child say the name of an animal and then listen to the authentic sound of the animal.

Biglietti di auguri da stampare
This is a site where you can print out cards in Italian for birthdays, and other special occasions

The Pinocchio official website:

Vivobimbo is an animated memory game:

Ufotto Leprotto

This is an animated blue bunny – lots of fun games for kids!

Giochi Per
This is a site of games for children organized in categories:

Bob the Builder in Italian!