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i tre porcellini

Posted by Carolina Gengo
Carolina Gengo
Carolina Gengo has been teaching Italian for over 18 years. She grew up in an I
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on Tuesday, 31 July 2012 in Italian Camp

Fra le più belle favole per bambini c'è i tre porcellini, il nostro tema del giorno oggi.  In caso non vela ricordate vi faccio un breve riassunto:

Ci sono tre porcellini che lasciano la casa e vanno a costruire tre casette. Il primo la costruisce in paglia, ma il cattivo lupo  la soffia giù e la crolla. Il secondo la costruisce in legno e di nuovo il lupo soffia forte e la casetta spazza via. Ma il terzo porcellino costruisce la sua casa in calce e mattoni e purtroppo il lupo non riesce a soffiarla giù. Invece si arrampica sul tetto per entrare dal camino ma cade giù in una pentola piena di acqua bollente. Il lupo feroce corre via e i tre porcellini vivono contenti e felici.


Dopo la storia i bambini hanno fatto tre carini burattini dei trei porcellini, poi abbiamo ascoltato la canzone in italiano, clicca sotto per ascoltare.


la paglia    hay

il legno      wood

i mattoni     bricks

il lupo          wolf

i tre porcellini   the three little pigs

la pentola     pot

casetta         little house

costruire      to build

il camino      chimney





Carolina Gengo has been teaching Italian for over 18 years. She grew up in an Italian-American/Canadian family, and fell in love with the Italian culture and language at a very young age. She noticed early on, however, that Italian was not spoken in her home. Her parents came from the immigrant generation that felt they needed to assimilate quickly to American customs by speaking English, which meant that their native language had to be left behind. Carolina remembers often asking family members to speak Italian so that she could learn, but few agreed. She vowed to one day learn Italian and share it with others.

She finally studied Italian at the University of Denver, (B.A. 1985) and later received an M.A. in Italian from Middlebury College in Florence, (1994). In between she worked in Entertainment Public Relations, and in the Italian Fashion sector. In addition, countless trips to Italy allowed her to immerse herself in Italian language and culture, and customs. Upon her return from Italy in 1995 she was eager to share her passion for all things Italian with others. What followed was ten years of teaching Italian in the New York metropolitan area, including positions with Preston High School, Byram Hills HS, William E. Cottle Elementary School, The Ward Elementary School, Tuckahoe Middle School, Yonkers Public Schools, Berlitz, New York University, Westchester Community College, and Fordham University, and private instruction. Carolina is a New York State certified Italian Teacher K-12. She is the recipient of the AATI Teachers Grant to the Università of Siena (1998), and the National Endowment for the Humanities Teachers Grant to the University of Oregon. She has presented at several conferences on the teaching of Italian, and is an active member of numerous professional clubs and organizations.

Today Carolina considers the opening of La Piazza di Carolina her greatest professional accomplishment. “After the birth of my two daughters, who are being raised bilingually, it seemed natural to me to help other Italian-American families and lovers of Italian do the same – to keep the Italian language alive in their homes through their children.” La Piazza di Carolina, with its bright, inviting classroom, has recently relocated to the Greenville Community Church in Scarsdale, NY. She teaches Italian to children of all ages and adults, in a full-immersion environment.

Carolina lives with her two daughters, Giuliana 13, and Gabriella 10, in Eastchester, NY.
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