Classes for Kids
At La Piazza di Carolina we offer a variety of Italian classes for children. Descriptions of our children’s classes are below.
See our current for days and times and please be sure to read our .
cl_k2_img1-263x300I Piu Piccoli© (6-13mo with adult)
It is never too early to introduce your child to a new language. The earlier the better. At this age your baby is beginning to recognize sounds and understand phrases; they are beginning the first steps of language acquisition. Come and learn new ways to make friends, and nurture your baby’s sensory and natural brain development. Babies love the gentle bouncing, instrument and prop play, peek-a-boo games and tickling rhymes included in our specialized 45-minute class. Italian music accompanies our games and activities, keeping baby’s attention while encouraging social interaction, language development and awareness. The class is for children up to 13 months of age who are not yet walking.

I Primi Passi© (14-23mo with adult)
Movement is a major component at this stage as the children discover their mobility. Props such as balls, bubbles, scarves, beanbags, and canopies develop fine & gross motor skills and extend the child’s movement vocabulary in Italian. Manipulatives such as letters and numbers are used in play as children recognize the connection to the words in Italian. The Italian songs become more familiar to the children as they begin to sing along to their favorite songs. As the year progresses movement games and the use of specially chosen vocabulary and phrases help toddlers to walk, play and internalize the language successfully.

Pronti a Correre© (2-3yrs with or without adult)
Because they are learning to observe and follow the example of the teacher, the children now have a choice of being with their grownup or sitting as a group with their teacher. Repeating Italian words are encouraged to develop language, listening, and concentration skills. Twos are now developing a longer attention span and are able to follow directions from one activity to another in Italian! Story time in Italian is introduced, as children love to look at picture books. Puppet and role-play are integrated with song and games, and musical instruments are added to increase enjoyment and help develop a sense of rhythm. Easy arts and crafts help reinforce the Italian being learned. Children will start to repeat songs and phrases at home.

Special Summer-Time Primi Passi/Pronti a Correre
Join us this summer at La Piazza di Carolina for music in Italian with your little one. This is our signature class that teaches language through traditional children’s Italian songs. We sing, dance, play instruments and use props and colorful materials. It is the best way for your child at this age to learn another language. It will run six Wednesdays 10:00 – 10:45 AM from June 25 to July 30, 2014. The Summer Special Price is $150 for 6 weeks.

Gli Indipendenti© (3-5yrs)
Mommies and caregivers wait outside! At this age, most children are ready to increase their independence. We have a gentle approach to separation, and if the child is not ready, parents sit in the room as needed. Theme based instruction begins in this group. A topic may be chosen, i.e. animali nella fattoria†(farm animals), and the lesson is structured around it. A story may be read, games played, songs sung, dances danced, and crafts made – all directed in Italian. Children are essentially learning what they normally learn at this age, but in Italian.

Scuola d’Infanzia (5-6yrs)
Italian for Kindergartners & 1st graders. The curriculum is a series of thematic units (i.e. numbers, letters, colors, seasons, weather, the calendar, holidays, etc.) based on a child’s cognitive development at this age. The use of manipulatives, visuals, song, play, and crafts continue to be utilized so that the teacher connects with the children, negotiating meaning from uncertainty. At times, homework is assigned.

Scuola Elementare I
Italian for elementary school children. Thematic units are continued building on material from the previous semester. Instruction begins to make connections with other subjects such as science, social studies, mathematics, and language arts. Writing and reading in Italian become an integral part of the learning process. Students learn how to put words together to form sentences in written and spoken form. Structured grammar is introduced. Italian text book may be utilized. All lessons support the principles of language acquisition. Homework may be assigned.

New! Scuola Elementare II
Italian for elementary school children who have had previous experience with the language either in a class setting or at home. Text book is required. Curriculum makes connections to core subjects. Students practice Italian grammar, writing, and reading in Italian. Curriculum continues to build on previous semesters. Children are encouraged to use the language at all times. Homework may be assigned. 1½ hour class.

Scuola Media (Upon request)
Italian for Middle Schoolers. Depending on the amount of Italian previously studied, students build on knowledge of the language and practice the four skills in language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Homework may be assigned.

Child Privates
$50/hr at the school, $60/hr in your home

Family Lessons
Are you and your family planning a trip to Italy? Want to educate your children on Italy before they go? La Piazza di Carolina will customize a series of lessons for you and your family to help you prepare your travels to Italy. We will teach you and your children basic survival phrases in Italian and fun facts to help build the kid’s interest in anticipation of your special trip. In no time your family will feel confident in splurging vernacular like “Ciao!”, “Come stai?”, “Mi Chiamo Gianni?”, “Sono Americano.”, “Mi piace Italia!”, “Dove il bagno?”, “Parlo Italiano un po”, “Una coppa piccola di gelato cioccolato, per favore”, and many more….