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I burattinai della Piazza di Carolina

Our last day of Italian Camp was completed with the premier of our puppet show! For two weeks, our 6-11 year old campers worked very hard memorizing copioni (scripts) and practicing with i burattini (the puppets). The performance told the story of una bella principessa (a beautiful princess) who was loved by three different men; il principe (the prince), il cavaliere (the knight), and l’arlecchino (the harlequin). However this story did not follow traditional fairy tails, and the princess was in love with the harlequin instead of the handsome prince or noble knight. When the regina (queen) and the re (king) put their faith in the hands of a confused wizard (il mago) the chaos continued! These campers did a wonderful job perfecting the voices of their burattini and taking direction when showtime rolled around. Overall our performance was a great success and we are all very proud of our little burattinai (puppeteers). Ci mancherete!





Il giorno del gelato!

For our final day at Italian Camp we celebrated our hard work with some gelato! Our wonderful gelataio (ice-cream man) Michele pulled up to La Piazza di Carolina in his vintage, 1960’s stylecamioncino del gelato(ice cream truck) delighted to serve our campers. But before we ate our frozen treats we all had to learn how to ask politely for una coppa(a cup), un cono (a cone), or un ghiacciolo (an ice pop). One at a time our campers told Michele “Vorrei questo per favore”(I would like this please), and pointed to the signs he had layed out for us. What a wonderfully sunny day for some cool gelato!







Our campers also spent some time learing about i gusti (the flavors) of gelato, here are some of our favorites;

  • cioccolato (chocolate)
  • vaniglia (vanilla)
  • limone (lemon)
  • melone (melon)
  • menta (mint)
  • fragola (strawberry)
  • nioccola (hazelnut)
  • pistacchio (pistacchio)
  • stracciatella (vanila & chocolate chip)

Sing about gelato with this song by Enzo Ghinazzi (Pupo) – click here

Il Corpo Umano!

Wednesday at Italian camp we learned about Il Corpo Umano (the human body)!! We started learning new voabulary through song and dance with the Italian version of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” (Testa Spalla Ginocchia e Piedi), watch it here and view the lyrics here! At craft time we practiced these new words by constructing and labeling some new friends out of paper. We also played a few games with Signore Testa di Patata (Mr. Potato Head) to test our knowledge. What was special about the vocabulary was discovering irregular plurals. In Italian, nouns follow a pattern determined by their gender and number, however some nouns break this pattern when plural.

Here’s a list of some body parts that have irregular plurals;

  • La mano (hand) / Le mani (hands)
  • Il Braccio (arm) / Le braccia (arms)
  • Il ginocchio (knee) / Le ginocchia (knees)
  • Il dito (finger) / Le dita (fingers)
  • Il labbro (lip) / Le labbra (lips)

Nostri studenti sono bravissimi!

corpo sophiacorpo



In honor of the 2014 World Cup, our 3-5 year olds spent Tuesday morning learning all about soccer in Italy! We created our own jerseys to support the national team, known as Gli Azzurri for the traditional color of their shirts. We also found some wonderful videos on Italy’s history in the World Cup, and learned about the times the team ha perso (lost) and ha vinto (won)!! The sunny day gave us the perfect opportunity to put this new vocabulary to the test. Everyone played a game of calcio (soccer) yelling passa (pass) to one another, and tira (shoot), while the camp counsulors played as goalkeepers. The following day, the campers impressed us with their memory when they were able to play once again and use these new terms.

Bravi a tutti!!






Squadra = team
Calcio = soccer
Pallone = soccer ball
Scarpa da calcio = soccer cleat
Vincere (ha vinto) = to win (he won)
Perdere (ha perso) = to lose (he lost)
Stadio = stadium
Attacco = offense
Difesa = defense
Portiere = Goalie 
Passa = pass
Tira = shoot
Giocatore = soccer player
Partita = (soccer) game
Giocare = to play
“Gli Azzurri” = the Italian national team nickname 
Campo = soccer field

5 Reasons to Enroll this Summer!



Summer camp is always a great option for your kids, but have you ever thought about a language learning camp? Not only does La Piazza di Carolina’s summer camp offer all of the fun of an ordinary day camp, but it incorporates learning the Italian language. Your child will gain all of the benefits of learning a new language in an environment that is safe and engaging. Here are a five reasons why you should sign up:



1. Language development

Your child will be fully immersed in the Italian language throughout every activity, learning new vocabulary every day.



2. It’s fun!

Our camp activities include games, songs, arts & crafts, dance, and outdoor play. Snacks are included!


3. New friends

Our campers will be learning and playing together with other children in their age range, they will make many new friends.

4. Communication skills

Your child will be learning to express themselves in a new language, they will be able to converse with their fellow campers in a whole new way.



5. Unique Experience

Being enrolled in a language camp is a great opportunity for your child because it is a rare and culturally enriching learning experience. 




La Piazza di Carolin’s summer camp is a wonderful chance for your child to continue learning over the summer months. There is no stress of homework or sitting in a dull classroom, campers are immersed in a relaxed setting that encourages playful learning.

So why wait? Enroll your child this summer and watch them love learning Italian! 


Register online at 

Italian Camp Update

For the past two weeks at Italian Camp w’ve been divided into two groups, younger kids ages 3-4 and older kids 9-11. We participated in some activities together like le canzoni del mattino (the morning songs), merenda (snack), and giorno della pizza (pizza day), but for more advanced activities the older kids worked separately. One day after reading Riccioli D’oro e i Tre Orsi (Goldilocks and The Three Bears) the older camp decided to re-enact the tale. Putting together an abbreviated script was easy, the difficult part came when the campers had to then memorize, understand, and act out their lines in their new language! Though it was challenging it truly helped them advance in their Italian speaking abilities. All in all, they put on a great show!


Parole del Racconto

Bosco – Forest

Scodella – Bowl

Pappa d’avena – Porridge

Troppo caldo – Too hot

Troppo freddo – Too cold

Al punto giusto – Just right

Assaggiare – To taste

Orsetto – Little Bear

Grande – big

Medio – medium

Piccolo – small

Contribute by our College Intern, Justine Di Donato

E il camp italiano in corsa di nuovo


La Prima Settimana della Piazza di Carolina:

Questa settimana cominciava l’ottava estate del camp estivo in italiano per prescolari e giovanotti alla Piazza di Carolina. Abbiamo fatto molte cose!

Luned, a causa della pioggia, abbiamo giocato dentro. Abbiamo imparato della cultura d’Italia, poi abbiamo guardato un po’ del film Muzzy. Abbiamo cantato molte canzoni, per esempio l’alfabeto ed i colori.

Marted, potevamo andare fuori, ma era un po’ nuvoloso. Abbiamo imparato che la parola per flag la bandiera, e abbiamo fatto delle bandiere per tutti.

Mercoled faceva bel tempo, c’era il sole, e abbiamo giocato con l’acqua fuori nel prato. Abbiamo imparato del quattro luglio negli Stati Uniti e abbiamo costruito dei fuochi artificiali.

Gioved, la scuola era chiusa perch era festa  del quattro luglio!

Venerd, abbiamo imparato degli animali che abitano nel mare, per esempio la medusa e la tartaruga. Abbiamo fatto una bel disegno con gli adesivi e le conchiglie.

Ci siamo salutati per il fine settimana! A luned!

Contributed by our intern Rachel Nathan.

Sotto il mare


Friday at Italian Camp our tema della giornata (theme of the day) was sotto il mare (under the sea). We began the day reading a story about the different types of animali del mare (sea animals) along with coordinating pictures. We then followed with a song. Singing along with the music helped the kids understand the new Italian words and internalize their meanings. Later in the day when we worked on our under water scene the kids were then able to easily ask for the appropriate sea animal stamps they wanted to use. Instead of asking for octopus, they were requesting polipo!



Crab Il Granchio

Shark Lo Squalo

Whale La Balena

Fish Il Pesce

Sea horse Il Cavalluccio marino

Star fish La Stella marina

Octopus Il Polipo

Contributed by our intern Justine DiDonato

i tre porcellini

Fra le pi belle favole per bambini c’ i tre porcellini, il nostro tema del giorno oggi.  In caso non vela ricordate vi faccio un breve riassunto:

Ci sono tre porcellini che lasciano la casa e vanno a costruire tre casette. Il primo la costruisce in paglia, ma il cattivo lupo  la soffia gi e la crolla. Il secondo la costruisce in legno e di nuovo il lupo soffia forte e la casetta spazza via. Ma il terzo porcellino costruisce la sua casa in calce e mattoni e purtroppo il lupo non riesce a soffiarla gi. Invece si arrampica sul tetto per entrare dal camino ma cade gi in una pentola piena di acqua bollente. Il lupo feroce corre via e i tre porcellini vivono contenti e felici.


Dopo la storia i bambini hanno fatto tre carini burattini dei trei porcellini, poi abbiamo ascoltato la canzone in italiano, clicca sotto per ascoltare.


la paglia   hay

il legno wood

i mattoni  bricks

il lupo  wolf

i tre porcellini the three little pigs

la pentola  pot

casetta little house

costruire to build

il camino chimney

Le collane di pasta! (Pasta necklaces)

Ciao a tutti! Today was a busy day at La Piazza di Carolina. We beat the rain and celebrated our italian pride, and a birthday! Instead of eating pasta today, we painted it (“abbiamo dipinto la pasta”)! The campers got right to work with green (verde), white (bianco), and red (rosso) paint that they used to smother their rigatoni and rotelli (wagon wheels).

photo_3 photo_2photo_1 photo_2-1

Then, as the paint dried, “abbiamo celebrato il compleanno di Luca!” (we celebrated Luca’s birthday!) “Ha portato ‘cupcakes’ per condividere con tutti!” (he brought cupcakes to share with everyone…


They were delicious! Finally once our painted pasta dried, we strung them on red yarn and wore them as “le collane” (necklaces)! photo_1-2


Lastly, I am sad to say that today was my last day at La Piazza di Carolina summer camp 2012, but I was extremely happy to receive this “grande abbraccio” (big hug) from the campers as a goodbye! I hope to post soon, yet I am off to Italia in about 4 weeks!


Arrivederci! :)