5 Reasons to Enroll in Italian Camp this Summer!

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Summer camp is always a great option for your kids, but have you ever thought about a language learning camp? Not only does La Piazza di Carolina’s summer camp offer all of the fun of an ordinary day camp, but it incorporates learning the Italian language. Your child will gain all of the benefits of learning a new language in an environment that is safe and engaging. Here are a five reasons why you should sign up:

1. Language development

Your child will be fully immersed in the Italian language throughout every activity, learning new vocabulary every day.

2. It’s fun!

Our camp activities include games, songs, arts & crafts, dance, and outdoor play. Snacks are included!

3. New friends

Our campers will be learning and playing together with other children in their age range, they will make many new friends.

4. Communication skills Your child will be learning to express themselves in a new language, they will be able to converse with their fellow campers in a whole new way.

5. Unique Experience Being enrolled in a language camp is a great opportunity for your child because it is a rare and culturally enriching learning experience.

La Piazza di Carolin’s summer camp is a wonderful chance for your child to continue learning over the summer months. There is no stress of homework or sitting in a dull classroom, campers are immersed in a relaxed setting that encourages playful learning.

So why wait? Enroll your child this summer and watch them love learning Italian! 

Register online at www.lapiazzadicarolina.com 

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