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Ylenia Mino; painting for peace and joy

Ylenia Mino is an Italian artist who has exhibited her art at La Piazza di Carolina. She was born in a small village at the foot of the Italian Alps, and had a strong inclination towards art at a young age. This artist developed her talents working with an Egyptian oil painter and broadened her horizons through classical studies. As she started to emerge with her own style, for which she is quoted in Arte e cultura as “often very close to reality but sometimes they have a touch of impressionism”, Ylenia began to showase her work around the world at different exhibitions. Drawing her inspiration from the works of several well known artists like Van Gogh, Degas, Leonardo da Vinci, and Klimt, she also pulls from the reality of the world around her; landscapes, everyday life, photographs, and her own faith in God. But Ylenia does not only spend time working on her paintings, she is also known to have collaborated with different galleries and support global charities. Her vivid, colorful, and observant work is a true expression of her passion and dedication to bring joy to others through art. 


To take a look at Ylenia’s work and to learn more about her upcoming exhibitions click here!

I burattinai della Piazza di Carolina

Our last day of Italian Camp was completed with the premier of our puppet show! For two weeks, our 6-11 year old campers worked very hard memorizing copioni (scripts) and practicing with i burattini (the puppets). The performance told the story of una bella principessa (a beautiful princess) who was loved by three different men; il principe (the prince), il cavaliere (the knight), and l’arlecchino (the harlequin). However this story did not follow traditional fairy tails, and the princess was in love with the harlequin instead of the handsome prince or noble knight. When the regina (queen) and the re (king) put their faith in the hands of a confused wizard (il mago) the chaos continued! These campers did a wonderful job perfecting the voices of their burattini and taking direction when showtime rolled around. Overall our performance was a great success and we are all very proud of our little burattinai (puppeteers). Ci mancherete!





Il giorno del gelato!

For our final day at Italian Camp we celebrated our hard work with some gelato! Our wonderful gelataio (ice-cream man) Michele pulled up to La Piazza di Carolina in his vintage, 1960’s stylecamioncino del gelato(ice cream truck) delighted to serve our campers. But before we ate our frozen treats we all had to learn how to ask politely for una coppa(a cup), un cono (a cone), or un ghiacciolo (an ice pop). One at a time our campers told Michele “Vorrei questo per favore”(I would like this please), and pointed to the signs he had layed out for us. What a wonderfully sunny day for some cool gelato!







Our campers also spent some time learing about i gusti (the flavors) of gelato, here are some of our favorites;

  • cioccolato (chocolate)
  • vaniglia (vanilla)
  • limone (lemon)
  • melone (melon)
  • menta (mint)
  • fragola (strawberry)
  • nioccola (hazelnut)
  • pistacchio (pistacchio)
  • stracciatella (vanila & chocolate chip)

Sing about gelato with this song by Enzo Ghinazzi (Pupo) – click here

Il Corpo Umano!

Wednesday at Italian camp we learned about Il Corpo Umano (the human body)!! We started learning new voabulary through song and dance with the Italian version of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” (Testa Spalla Ginocchia e Piedi), watch it here and view the lyrics here! At craft time we practiced these new words by constructing and labeling some new friends out of paper. We also played a few games with Signore Testa di Patata (Mr. Potato Head) to test our knowledge. What was special about the vocabulary was discovering irregular plurals. In Italian, nouns follow a pattern determined by their gender and number, however some nouns break this pattern when plural.

Here’s a list of some body parts that have irregular plurals;

  • La mano (hand) / Le mani (hands)
  • Il Braccio (arm) / Le braccia (arms)
  • Il ginocchio (knee) / Le ginocchia (knees)
  • Il dito (finger) / Le dita (fingers)
  • Il labbro (lip) / Le labbra (lips)

Nostri studenti sono bravissimi!

corpo sophiacorpo



In honor of the 2014 World Cup, our 3-5 year olds spent Tuesday morning learning all about soccer in Italy! We created our own jerseys to support the national team, known as Gli Azzurri for the traditional color of their shirts. We also found some wonderful videos on Italy’s history in the World Cup, and learned about the times the team ha perso (lost) and ha vinto (won)!! The sunny day gave us the perfect opportunity to put this new vocabulary to the test. Everyone played a game of calcio (soccer) yelling passa (pass) to one another, and tira (shoot), while the camp counsulors played as goalkeepers. The following day, the campers impressed us with their memory when they were able to play once again and use these new terms.

Bravi a tutti!!






Squadra = team
Calcio = soccer
Pallone = soccer ball
Scarpa da calcio = soccer cleat
Vincere (ha vinto) = to win (he won)
Perdere (ha perso) = to lose (he lost)
Stadio = stadium
Attacco = offense
Difesa = defense
Portiere = Goalie 
Passa = pass
Tira = shoot
Giocatore = soccer player
Partita = (soccer) game
Giocare = to play
“Gli Azzurri” = the Italian national team nickname 
Campo = soccer field