I burattinai della Piazza di Carolina

Our last day of Italian Camp was completed with the premier of our puppet show! For two weeks, our 6-11 year old campers worked very hard memorizing copioni (scripts) and practicing with i burattini (the puppets). The performance told the story of una bella principessa (a beautiful princess) who was loved by three different men; il principe (the prince), il cavaliere (the knight), and l’arlecchino (the harlequin). However this story did not follow traditional fairy tails, and the princess was in love with the harlequin instead of the handsome prince or noble knight. When the regina (queen) and the re (king) put their faith in the hands of a confused wizard (il mago) the chaos continued! These campers did a wonderful job perfecting the voices of their burattini and taking direction when showtime rolled around. Overall our performance was a great success and we are all very proud of our little burattinai (puppeteers). Ci mancherete!





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