Il giorno del gelato!

For our final day at Italian Camp we celebrated our hard work with some gelato! Our wonderful gelataio (ice-cream man) Michele pulled up to La Piazza di Carolina in his vintage, 1960’s stylecamioncino del gelato(ice cream truck) delighted to serve our campers. But before we ate our frozen treats we all had to learn how to ask politely for una coppa(a cup), un cono (a cone), or un ghiacciolo (an ice pop). One at a time our campers told Michele “Vorrei questo per favore”(I would like this please), and pointed to the signs he had layed out for us. What a wonderfully sunny day for some cool gelato!







Our campers also spent some time learing about i gusti (the flavors) of gelato, here are some of our favorites;

  • cioccolato (chocolate)
  • vaniglia (vanilla)
  • limone (lemon)
  • melone (melon)
  • menta (mint)
  • fragola (strawberry)
  • nioccola (hazelnut)
  • pistacchio (pistacchio)
  • stracciatella (vanila & chocolate chip)

Sing about gelato with this song by Enzo Ghinazzi (Pupo) – click here

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