Il Corpo Umano!

Wednesday at Italian camp we learned about Il Corpo Umano (the human body)!! We started learning new voabulary through song and dance with the Italian version of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” (Testa Spalla Ginocchia e Piedi), watch it here and view the lyrics here! At craft time we practiced these new words by constructing and labeling some new friends out of paper. We also played a few games with Signore Testa di Patata (Mr. Potato Head) to test our knowledge. What was special about the vocabulary was discovering irregular plurals. In Italian, nouns follow a pattern determined by their gender and number, however some nouns break this pattern when plural.

Here’s a list of some body parts that have irregular plurals;

  • La mano (hand) / Le mani (hands)
  • Il Braccio (arm) / Le braccia (arms)
  • Il ginocchio (knee) / Le ginocchia (knees)
  • Il dito (finger) / Le dita (fingers)
  • Il labbro (lip) / Le labbra (lips)

Nostri studenti sono bravissimi!

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