In honor of the 2014 World Cup, our 3-5 year olds spent Tuesday morning learning all about soccer in Italy! We created our own jerseys to support the national team, known as Gli Azzurri for the traditional color of their shirts. We also found some wonderful videos on Italy’s history in the World Cup, and learned about the times the team ha perso (lost) and ha vinto (won)!! The sunny day gave us the perfect opportunity to put this new vocabulary to the test. Everyone played a game of calcio (soccer) yelling passa (pass) to one another, and tira (shoot), while the camp counsulors played as goalkeepers. The following day, the campers impressed us with their memory when they were able to play once again and use these new terms.

Bravi a tutti!!






Squadra = team
Calcio = soccer
Pallone = soccer ball
Scarpa da calcio = soccer cleat
Vincere (ha vinto) = to win (he won)
Perdere (ha perso) = to lose (he lost)
Stadio = stadium
Attacco = offense
Difesa = defense
Portiere = Goalie 
Passa = pass
Tira = shoot
Giocatore = soccer player
Partita = (soccer) game
Giocare = to play
“Gli Azzurri” = the Italian national team nickname 
Campo = soccer field

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