10 Reasons Your Little One Should be Bilingual


Many parents see raising a bilingual child to be a very daunting task. They fear that their child will become confused between the two languages and will have trouble communicating in the future. The truth is that raising your child to be bilingual can provide them with a tremendous mental and individual growth lacked by monolinguals. In this increasingly globalized world bilingualism, and multilingualism, is an advantage in more ways than one. Here are 10 reasons why your child will benefit from becoming bilingual;

1. Positive Effect on the Brain

Bilingualism has a positive effect on intellectual growth and mental development of a child since it actually strengthens the mind’s cognitive muscles.

2. Linguistic Knowledge

Bilinguals develop a metalinguistic awareness, allowing them to better understand and articulate how languages work. It therefor makes learning new languages easier; children who learn Italian can easily pick up other Romance languages like Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

3. Cognitive Control

Bilingualism improves the brain’s executive function; your child will be able to remain more focused on a goal, plan and perform actions to achieve it, and ignore distracting information better than monolingual children.

4. Increased Attention

Bilingualism enhances listening skills in children.

5. Improves English

There is a positive relationship between foreign language study and English language arts. English speaking students who study languages like Italian develop a better understanding of their native tongue.

6. Sense of Surroundings

Children will develop a heightened ability to monitor and recognize changes in their environment.

7. Future Opportunities

Being bilingual will provide a broader range of career and travel opportunities.

8. Broadens Social Interaction

Bilingualism also allows for children to communicate and interact with a larger group of people.

9. Withstands Memory Loss

As your child moves into adulthood, as a bilingual, they will be more resistant to the onset of dementia and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Strengthens Cultural Ties

Knowing more than one language builds multicultural understanding and appreciation.

When you raise children to be bilingual, you open their minds to a world of new opportunities. Bilingual children are able to express themselves and communicate ideas in a wider variety of ways. Children who speak more than one language have proven to perform better academically and have more favorable chances in their future. Considering the extent of worldwide integration that your child will soon be a part of, what reasons are there not to be beautifully bilingual?

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One thought on “10 Reasons Your Little One Should be Bilingual

  1. Feriha

    French would definitely work fine. You could do a lot of work with the French, obuvlisoy, but you could even put your skills to any very good use in parts of Africa and Asia, as well. Italian would also be okay, although there might be more demand for French depending on where you work. Spanish is have a big demand, but because of that a lot of people tend to gravitate toward Spanish. German is about the same as Italian. It’s okay, but it depends on where you work. You could also do a TON with Mandarin Chinese and Arabic, but both require learning new alphabets are tough languages. Russian is another option.


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