Autunno at La Piazza di Carolina


We are in full foliage peak down-county Westchester where La Piazza di Carolina is located. We have been using the beautiful fall colors as our inspiration for lessons around here.


Today at our Saturday asilo italiano (Italian preschool) we went on a nature walk – in cerca della natura – with the goal of finding foglie rosse, arancioni, gialle, e verdi (red, orange, yellow, and green leaves).

The trees were glowing, the breeze delightful, and the sun was unexpectedly warm. Once we filled our secchiello (pail) with fallen leaves, we hurried back in the classroom to create our own alberi d’autunno (autumn trees).

albero dautunno1

la foglia – leaf

le foglie – leaves

le autunno – fall/autumn

il melo – apple tree

la zucca – pumpkin

la ghianda – acorn

lo scoiattolo – squirrel

la mela – apple

il rastrello – rake

rastrellare – to rake

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