Italian Camp Update

For the past two weeks at Italian Camp w’ve been divided into two groups, younger kids ages 3-4 and older kids 9-11. We participated in some activities together like le canzoni del mattino (the morning songs), merenda (snack), and giorno della pizza (pizza day), but for more advanced activities the older kids worked separately. One day after reading Riccioli D’oro e i Tre Orsi (Goldilocks and The Three Bears) the older camp decided to re-enact the tale. Putting together an abbreviated script was easy, the difficult part came when the campers had to then memorize, understand, and act out their lines in their new language! Though it was challenging it truly helped them advance in their Italian speaking abilities. All in all, they put on a great show!


Parole del Racconto

Bosco – Forest

Scodella – Bowl

Pappa d’avena – Porridge

Troppo caldo – Too hot

Troppo freddo – Too cold

Al punto giusto – Just right

Assaggiare – To taste

Orsetto – Little Bear

Grande – big

Medio – medium

Piccolo – small

Contribute by our College Intern, Justine Di Donato

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