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i tre porcellini

Fra le pi belle favole per bambini c’ i tre porcellini, il nostro tema del giorno oggi.  In caso non vela ricordate vi faccio un breve riassunto:

Ci sono tre porcellini che lasciano la casa e vanno a costruire tre casette. Il primo la costruisce in paglia, ma il cattivo lupo  la soffia gi e la crolla. Il secondo la costruisce in legno e di nuovo il lupo soffia forte e la casetta spazza via. Ma il terzo porcellino costruisce la sua casa in calce e mattoni e purtroppo il lupo non riesce a soffiarla gi. Invece si arrampica sul tetto per entrare dal camino ma cade gi in una pentola piena di acqua bollente. Il lupo feroce corre via e i tre porcellini vivono contenti e felici.


Dopo la storia i bambini hanno fatto tre carini burattini dei trei porcellini, poi abbiamo ascoltato la canzone in italiano, clicca sotto per ascoltare.


la paglia   hay

il legno wood

i mattoni  bricks

il lupo  wolf

i tre porcellini the three little pigs

la pentola  pot

casetta little house

costruire to build

il camino chimney

Le collane di pasta! (Pasta necklaces)

Ciao a tutti! Today was a busy day at La Piazza di Carolina. We beat the rain and celebrated our italian pride, and a birthday! Instead of eating pasta today, we painted it (“abbiamo dipinto la pasta”)! The campers got right to work with green (verde), white (bianco), and red (rosso) paint that they used to smother their rigatoni and rotelli (wagon wheels).

photo_3 photo_2photo_1 photo_2-1

Then, as the paint dried, “abbiamo celebrato il compleanno di Luca!” (we celebrated Luca’s birthday!) “Ha portato ‘cupcakes’ per condividere con tutti!” (he brought cupcakes to share with everyone…


They were delicious! Finally once our painted pasta dried, we strung them on red yarn and wore them as “le collane” (necklaces)! photo_1-2


Lastly, I am sad to say that today was my last day at La Piazza di Carolina summer camp 2012, but I was extremely happy to receive this “grande abbraccio” (big hug) from the campers as a goodbye! I hope to post soon, yet I am off to Italia in about 4 weeks!


Arrivederci! :)

Apparecchiare la tavola

Summer camp at La Piazza di Carolina is beginning to wrap up and in order to properly sit down and enjoy some of our delicious italian meals, the campers perfected their skills on how to set the table “apparecchiare la tavola”. With the help of our favorite “La Fata Italiana” (Italian Fairy, DVD and CD) the campers sang and danced while learning about “tutti a tavola” (everything at the table). Look how neatly they placed their “tovagliolo” (napkin), “forchetta” (fork), “coltello” (knife), “cucchiaio” (spoon), “piatto piano” (plate), “piatto fondo” (bowl), and “bicchiere” (glass). They even know that on elegant nights if they want to have a tea party with their friends or dolls, there is “la tazza”(tea cup) and “il piattino” (saucer/ little plate).

I bambini imparano come apparecchiare la tavola… (the children learn how to set the table)


La maestra Carolina con la tazza…


And finally the perfect place setting! As well as the mini settings that the campers brought home on the red and white “tovaglia” (table cloth)


A domani!

Facciamo la pizza!

“Oggi abbiamo fatto la pizza!” (Today we made pizza!) It was the best day of camp at La Piazza di Carolina, well that’s not true because everyday is the best day! But, I am so excited to share this post and the photos with everyone! Our little “cuochi” (chefs) were working on their masterpieces from 9am-12pm but managed to make time for fun! In between coloring, story time, pool and play time, 10 delicious “margherita” style pizzas were born!

“Prima, i bambini hanno preparato tutti gli ingredienti” (First, the campers prepared all of the ingredients) such as “la pasta” (dough), “la salsa di pomodoro” (tomato sauce), “il basilico” (basil), “il formaggio” (cheese)/ “la mozzarella”, and “l’olio d’oliva ” (olive oil).


“Poi, abbiamo premuto la pasta nella forma di un cerchio…” (then we pressed the dough into the form of a circle…)


“Poi, abbiamo aggiunto l’olio d’oliva, il pomodoro, la mozzarella e il basilico…” (then we added the olive oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil…)


“Allora, la pizza e` pronta per cuocere!” (And then the pizza is ready to be cooked!)


“Finalmente, mangiamo e siamo molto contenti!” (Finally we eat and we are very happy!)

And now that the campers can cook pizza AND make gelato, tomorrow will certainly be time to set the table properly!

Ciao e buon appetito!

Buon giorno Pinocchio!

Imagine if Pinocchio came to camp?! Well, today at La Piazza di Carolina he did! The children watched the “burattino” (puppet) come to life and sang along as he danced on his strings. It was both amusing and fun, especially once the campers got to color their own pictures of Pinocchio to be created into paper bag puppets. It was great to see their faces as they listened to the story of Pinocchio in Italian and saw how long his nose kept growing every time he told a lie (la bugia). Pinocchio will always have a significant connection to the italian culture and it’s a great way to get children interested!



Well, I’m off to go continue reading a longer Italian version of “Le avventure di Pinocchio” that I was given as a gift when I first began studying italian, 8 years ago!

A domani!

Il Gelateria

On thursday La Piazza di Carolina became “il gelateria” (ice cream parlor). The hot weather was surely motivating for a fun day filled with “gelato” (ice cream)! Not only did the children receive a visit from “il gelataio” (the ice cream man), craft their own paper ice cream cones with real sprinkles, hear “una racconta” (a story) about “gelato” and cool down in “la piscina” (the pool), but they also had a blast making home-made gelato! Each camper took a turn pouring and mixing the ingredients such as “il latte” (milk), “la crema” (cream), “il cacao” (cocoa powder), “lo zucchero” (sugar) and more!

"i coni" (the cones) that the children made

Maybe now your campers can make some tasty gelato for “la famiglia” (the family)!


A perfect day to go to the beach!

Today we took advantage of the hot weather and had a day “alla spiaggia” (at the beach). Before going in the pool to cool off and play in “lo spruzzo d’acqua” (the sprinkler) the children learned about the different things we may see at the beach or during the summer time. A great story that introduced how a day at the beach may go held the campers’ attention as they ate “la merenda” (snack) in the air conditioning. Along with their beach toys such as (il secchiello) (pale) and “la paletta” (shovel) each camper colored and personalized their own mini “palla di spiaggia” (beach balls)!

bambinialmarebambinialmare palla

Lo spazio! (space)

We finally took off in our “disco volante” (flying saucer) to “lo spazio” (space)! All of the campers at La Piazza di Carolina created their own “marziani” (martians) to take with them on our adventure through space, learning about the nine planets (nove pianeti) and the stars (le stelle)! With our fun craft involving clay, paint, glue, gems, stories, and games the children became familiar with our “sistema solare” (solar system) such as “Mercurio” (Mercury), “Venere”(Venus), “Terra, il nostro pianeta” (Earth, our planet), “Marte” (Mars), “Giove” (Jupiter), “Saturno” (Saturn), “Urano” (Uranus), “Nettuno” (Neptune) e “Plutone” (Pluto).

These flying saucers are quite the site!



Le parti del corpo! (parts of the body)

Oggi abbiamo imparato delle parti del corpo umano! (Today we learned about the human body parts!) The campers at La Piazza di Carolina learned that although everyone can be different we all have the same parts such as “la testa, con gli occhi, le orecchie, il naso, e la bocca” (the head with eyes, ears, nose and the mouth), “il braccio” (arm), “la gamba” (leg) and “le mani” (hands). We sang and danced to the song “testa, spalle, ginocchia, piedi” (head, shoulders, knees and toes) and the kids had a blast! It was a great day learning about the body and having fun and each camper brought home a list of body vocabulary to always remember!


Gli insetti sono simpatici!

To go along with the summer atmosphere the theme at La Piazza di Carolina today was “gli insetti” (bugs). We learned about the bugs we see all around us each day living in the grass and the trees. The children became friendly with insects such as “la coccinella” (ladybug), “le formiche” (ants), “l’ape” (bee), “il ragno” (spider), “la farfalla” (butterfly), “il bruco” (caterpillar) and more! We sang the “La farfallina” song and fluttered around like butterflies, and became so friendly with “il bruco” that each camper created their own happy caterpillar to bring home!


Buona fine settimana!