Le collane di pasta! (Pasta necklaces)

Ciao a tutti! Today was a busy day at La Piazza di Carolina. We beat the rain and celebrated our italian pride, and a birthday! Instead of eating pasta today, we painted it (“abbiamo dipinto la pasta”)! The campers got right to work with green (verde), white (bianco), and red (rosso) paint that they used to smother their rigatoni and rotelli (wagon wheels).

photo_3 photo_2photo_1 photo_2-1

Then, as the paint dried, “abbiamo celebrato il compleanno di Luca!” (we celebrated Luca’s birthday!) “Ha portato ‘cupcakes’ per condividere con tutti!” (he brought cupcakes to share with everyone…


They were delicious! Finally once our painted pasta dried, we strung them on red yarn and wore them as “le collane” (necklaces)! photo_1-2


Lastly, I am sad to say that today was my last day at La Piazza di Carolina summer camp 2012, but I was extremely happy to receive this “grande abbraccio” (big hug) from the campers as a goodbye! I hope to post soon, yet I am off to Italia in about 4 weeks!


Arrivederci! :)

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