Apparecchiare la tavola

Summer camp at La Piazza di Carolina is beginning to wrap up and in order to properly sit down and enjoy some of our delicious italian meals, the campers perfected their skills on how to set the table “apparecchiare la tavola”. With the help of our favorite “La Fata Italiana” (Italian Fairy, DVD and CD) the campers sang and danced while learning about “tutti a tavola” (everything at the table). Look how neatly they placed their “tovagliolo” (napkin), “forchetta” (fork), “coltello” (knife), “cucchiaio” (spoon), “piatto piano” (plate), “piatto fondo” (bowl), and “bicchiere” (glass). They even know that on elegant nights if they want to have a tea party with their friends or dolls, there is “la tazza”(tea cup) and “il piattino” (saucer/ little plate).

I bambini imparano come apparecchiare la tavola… (the children learn how to set the table)


La maestra Carolina con la tazza…


And finally the perfect place setting! As well as the mini settings that the campers brought home on the red and white “tovaglia” (table cloth)


A domani!

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