Facciamo la pizza!

“Oggi abbiamo fatto la pizza!” (Today we made pizza!) It was the best day of camp at La Piazza di Carolina, well that’s not true because everyday is the best day! But, I am so excited to share this post and the photos with everyone! Our little “cuochi” (chefs) were working on their masterpieces from 9am-12pm but managed to make time for fun! In between coloring, story time, pool and play time, 10 delicious “margherita” style pizzas were born!

“Prima, i bambini hanno preparato tutti gli ingredienti” (First, the campers prepared all of the ingredients) such as “la pasta” (dough), “la salsa di pomodoro” (tomato sauce), “il basilico” (basil), “il formaggio” (cheese)/ “la mozzarella”, and “l’olio d’oliva ” (olive oil).


“Poi, abbiamo premuto la pasta nella forma di un cerchio…” (then we pressed the dough into the form of a circle…)


“Poi, abbiamo aggiunto l’olio d’oliva, il pomodoro, la mozzarella e il basilico…” (then we added the olive oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil…)


“Allora, la pizza e` pronta per cuocere!” (And then the pizza is ready to be cooked!)


“Finalmente, mangiamo e siamo molto contenti!” (Finally we eat and we are very happy!)

And now that the campers can cook pizza AND make gelato, tomorrow will certainly be time to set the table properly!

Ciao e buon appetito!

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