Buon giorno Pinocchio!

Imagine if Pinocchio came to camp?! Well, today at La Piazza di Carolina he did! The children watched the “burattino” (puppet) come to life and sang along as he danced on his strings. It was both amusing and fun, especially once the campers got to color their own pictures of Pinocchio to be created into paper bag puppets. It was great to see their faces as they listened to the story of Pinocchio in Italian and saw how long his nose kept growing every time he told a lie (la bugia). Pinocchio will always have a significant connection to the italian culture and it’s a great way to get children interested!



Well, I’m off to go continue reading a longer Italian version of “Le avventure di Pinocchio” that I was given as a gift when I first began studying italian, 8 years ago!

A domani!

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