Il Gelateria

On thursday La Piazza di Carolina became “il gelateria” (ice cream parlor). The hot weather was surely motivating for a fun day filled with “gelato” (ice cream)! Not only did the children receive a visit from “il gelataio” (the ice cream man), craft their own paper ice cream cones with real sprinkles, hear “una racconta” (a story) about “gelato” and cool down in “la piscina” (the pool), but they also had a blast making home-made gelato! Each camper took a turn pouring and mixing the ingredients such as “il latte” (milk), “la crema” (cream), “il cacao” (cocoa powder), “lo zucchero” (sugar) and more!

"i coni" (the cones) that the children made

Maybe now your campers can make some tasty gelato for “la famiglia” (the family)!


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  1. Danielle

    Frozen confusionOnce upon a time, frzeon dessert was so simple. There was ice cream and well, there was ice cream. These days we’re surrounded by choice ice cream, frzeon custard, frzeon yogurt, gelato, and more. So other than the name, what in the world differentiates all of these? Try to control your drooling for two minutes, and read on.The breakdownI think the easiest way to differentiate these frzeon treats is to talk about what defines each one. Let’s take a look.Ice cream, contains between 10% and 18% milkfat and between 12% to 16% sweeteners by weight. Ice cream also has air blended into it to increase its volume in a process called overrun and can have overrun up to 100%, the final product is light and fluffy because it’s composed of half air.Frozen custardCustard is very similar to ice cream, but there are two major differences. First of all, by USDA definition, custard must contain at least 1.4% egg yolk by weight. Egg yolk is a natural emulsifier, which gives custard a richer and creamier texture. Custard is also only overrun up to 20% adding to the thick, rich texture.GelatoThe light texture and intense flavor of gelato considered to be an Italian invention comes from having a much lower milkfat content than traditional ice cream, more in the 4% to 8% range. In return, it has a much higher sugar/sweetener content than ice cream, running in the range of 16% to 24%. Gelato overrun tends to be about 20% to 35%.Frozen yogurtFrozen yogurt (also known as froyo or frogurt) substitutes yogurt in place of the bulk of the cream used in ice cream. As a result, milkfat makes up only 0.5% to 6% of frzeon yogurt, with sugar or sweeteners making up 15% to 17% of the weight. Frozen yogurt has a sweet, tangy flavor with a very smooth texture.Variety is the spice of lifeIt’s one thing to define what makes all of these frzeon delights different from each other, but the best way to see the difference is to experience them all for yourself.How terrible, I’m telling you to go out and have some ice cream. Go, taste, enjoy, pick a favorite and don’t be afraid to mix it up once in a while.GD Star Ratingloading…


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