Lo spazio! (space)

We finally took off in our “disco volante” (flying saucer) to “lo spazio” (space)! All of the campers at La Piazza di Carolina created their own “marziani” (martians) to take with them on our adventure through space, learning about the nine planets (nove pianeti) and the stars (le stelle)! With our fun craft involving clay, paint, glue, gems, stories, and games the children became familiar with our “sistema solare” (solar system) such as “Mercurio” (Mercury), “Venere”(Venus), “Terra, il nostro pianeta” (Earth, our planet), “Marte” (Mars), “Giove” (Jupiter), “Saturno” (Saturn), “Urano” (Uranus), “Nettuno” (Neptune) e “Plutone” (Pluto).

These flying saucers are quite the site!



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