Tutta la frutta e` perfetta!

The campers at La Piazza di Carolina had a refreshing day learning about “la frutta” (fruit). With a fun game and coloring pictures, the children were able to become familiar with the names and colors of each fruit in italian such as “l’ananas” (pineapple), “la mela” (apple), “l’anguria” (watermelon), “la susina” (plum), “l’uva” (grape), “l’arancia” (orange) and more! They even got to sing and dance along with “La Fata Italiana” (the italian fairy) who has created some fun songs and dances for the children to learn italian such as “Tutta la frutta e` perfetta!” So if you hear your child singing about “frutta” thank “la fata italiana” and consider purchasing her CD or DVD so the children can continue to sing and dance along for practice and fun!

On sale at La Piazza di Carolina!

After enjoying a refreshing “macedonia” (fruit salad) and taking a dip in the pool, the campers expressed their love for fruit with their personal “corone di frutta” (fruit crowns)!



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