Buona Festa del quattro luglio!

Happy fourth of July everyone! Yesterday the kids blended their Italian pride with their American spirit. They lit up the room with sounds like “boom!” “sizzzzz” and “pop!” coming to life as “fuochi artificiali” (fireworks). With paint, stories, songs and more, the campers experienced the 4th of july in which they created and brought home their own “fuochi artificiali”!


Here is a list of some useful camp related vocabulary, but stay tuned for plenty more to come!

Lo Spruzzo d’acqua sprinkler

L Altalena swing

Lo Scivolo slide

La piscina pool

I giocattoli toys

la pala shovel

Il secchio- pale

La bicicletta bike

La merenda snack

Il succo juice

I fuochi artificiali fireworks

la colla- glue

i pastelli – crayons

le forbici – scissors

la tempura – water- based paint

le canzoni – songs

i racconti – stories

Buona festa del quattro luglio!- Happy fourth of July!

Ancora! more please!

Ho finito! i’m finished!

Fa caldo! it’s hot out!

Vorrei¦ – I would like¦

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