Una bella italiana

Ciao, everyone! Italy is a place where people are well aware of how they look, and people definitely put effort into their appearances. Just take a look at how people are dressed (pardon my blurry photography).

Pink pants and a denim jacket (not to mention that handbag)?

I pretty much applaud any woman who can wear heels while walking in Rome. It’s not exactly a heel-friendly city.

I’m diggin’ the red leather jacket.

Of course, more goes into Italian beauty than just clothing. This week, I’ll be telling you about where to go and what to look for if you want to be una bella italiana (a beautiful Italian (female)).

There are many different negozi (stores) you can go to to find your beauty products, depending on what you’re looking for. Il negozio di alimentari (the grocery store) is a great place to go if you’re in need of your typical shampoo or balsamo (conditioner). Looking for a new belle color (beautiful color) for your hair? You can get that here too.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little different or more specific though. For different creams, lotions, and other beauty products, head on over to la farmacia (the pharmacy). You can spot a pharmacy by looking for the green cross out front.

If you see one of these, you’ve found the pharmacy!

Pharmacies usually have some sort of window display out front. Look at the variety of products!

And then there’s the corner store that pretty much has anything and everything you could want. Here you can get cosmetici (cosmetics) like mascara, il rosetto (lipstick), l’ombretto (eye shadow), and la cipria (powder).

And here are some other phrases you might find useful if you’re looking for beauty products in Italy! Some phrases are either taken from English or are easy to figure out, but I figured they’re still popular phrases that are worth mentioning!

doposole: This literally means “after sun” (used on different types of lotions).

anti-lacrime: “anti-tears” (found on shampoo).

gratis: “free.” No, the product isn’t free. Think along the lines of “50% more product in this bottle for free!”

rilassante: relaxing.

dermatologicamente testado: dermatologically tested.

colorazione permanente: permanent hair color

naturale: natural

t verde: green tea (used as an ingredient).

l’anti-age: anti-aging

una nuova luminosita: “a new brightness”

il trattamento dermatologico: skin treatment/dermatological treatment

risultato: result

So if you’re in Italy and you can’t find something you’re looking for, remember: there are many different stores selling beauty products in Italy, so if it isn’t at one place, that doesn’t mean it isn’t at another. Ciao, bella!

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