La sagra del carciofo

Ciao! I’m particularly excited about this blog post because I think the topic is interesting and quirky: la sagra del carciofo (the artichoke festival). I heard about this through my school, and I immediately knew I had to go. A *festival* for *artichokes*?! It’s not that I’m weirdly obsessed with artichokes, but I do like them, and I found it pretty amusing that there was a festival just for them.

I’ve been told that Aprile (April) is pretty rainy in Rome, and so far, that’s been true. It was raining the day of the festival, but we decided to venture to it anyway. We only had to take a half-hour train to Ladispoli, and we were there! We were a little confused though because at first it just looked like a regular market. Where were all the artichokes?

Finally we found a big truck load of them and knew we were on the right track!

We still aren’t exactly sure, but we think that some of the participants didn’t show up because of la pioggia (the rain). Still, it was a lot of fun to take a look at the different stands.

All that walking was making me hungry, and I had heard that some stands sold artichokes prepared in different ways. Finally, we found a stand selling carciofi fritti (fried artichokes)! I had to try some. They were pretty good, even if they were a little scary looking! And I must say, fried artichokes are much more filling than I expected.

Before we left, we made sure to take a visit to the ocean. I had heard that Ladispoli is on la spiaggia (the beach) and is a lot of fun to visit, especially when it’s not raining, but hey, we had the beach all to ourselves because of that!

After a few hours, we took the train back to Rome. I must say, I was very pleased with our little adventure. It wasn’t too far away, I had some fried artichokes, and I could huddle up inside my apartment for the rest of the rainy day. Still, I’m hoping for some drier tempo (weather) soon! Ciao!

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