Ostia Antica

One of the reasons I love study abroad (studiare all’estero) is because I get to travel to all sorts of places, both within and out of Italy. But one thing that’s great about Rome in particular is that there are so many possible day-trips from the city so I still get the feel of going on a grand adventure without all the stress of traveling! My most recent adventure: Ostia Antica, the harbor city (la citt) of Ancient Rome.

I went with one of my friends, and not only was this day particularly adventurous due to being able to run around an ancient, ruined city, but it was also my first time taking the metro in Rome!

I was particularly amused since some of the cars had a lot of graffiti on them, which you don’t really find on the busses or trams! I took a close-up shot of it just for you!

After about 20 minutes on the metro, we had arrived. Ciao, Ostia Antica!

At first, we weren’t sure if we were allowed to walk through the ruins, since, after all, they are ruins. After seeing some other people do it though, we realized it’s kinda of what they expect you to do here. So walk through the ruins we did!

Ostia Antica is pretty big, and we didn’t even get to walk through the whole thing before it closed for the day. But we were still able to see all sorts of stuff like floor mosaics,

statues (le statue),

the theatre (il teatro),

and the marketplace.

Ostia Antica is definitely one of my favorite things that I’ve done so far and has made me realize the value of a day trip. Ciao for now!

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