Il Portico d’Ottavia

Ciao, everyone!

As you may recall from my last post, I had been experiencing a whole myriad of technological problems (aka my computer died), but I am pleased to report that it is back and better than ever so it should no longer take as long in between blog posts! The only thing is that now I have an Italian hard drive and keyboard set up, so now my computer says everything in Italian and I don’t know where to locate some things on my keyboard (if anybody would like to tell me where I could find the “at” sign, I’d very much appreciate it).

Moving on, I’m here to share with you something I’ve become quite fond of since arriving in Rome: randomly stumbling upon ruins (le rovine). For instance, when I was walking around last week, wondering what I should post about next on this blog (I’m completely serious. It’s actually a little too perfect that this is how it went.), I walked down a little street that I assumed would lead to another little street, since it looked like this,

but after I walked through I was surprised to see that it opened up to a larger area, and I thought I spied something interesting a little farther ahead. Can you see it back there?

Well, it turned out to be this, the Portico of Octavia (il Portico d’Ottavia). The Portico is currently undergoing some restoration, and this isn’t the first time. Originally built in 146 BC, it was rebuilt by Augustus sometime between 27 and 23 BC. It took some damage due to a fire in 80 AD and was rebuilt again by Settimus Severius in 203 AD. (All info courtesy of the wonderful signs placed around the site.)

The Portico is part of the former Roman Ghetto (Ghetto di Roma), and part of it was eventually incorporated into the church of Sant’Angelo in Pescheria, the site of a fish market (un mercato del pesce) that was held during the Middle Ages (il Medioevo). I’m not quite sure what this says but it was outside the Portico and I thought it looked pretty cool. If you know what it means, let me know in the comments section!

Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with my find. I strolled around the area for a bit and took lots of pictures like a true tourist (una turista).

I can’t wait to see what I stumble upon next! A dopo! (See you later!)

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