Carnevale di Venezia!

Ciao, everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post! Long story short, I’ve been experiencing all sorts of technical problems, ultimately ending with my computer crashing, so I’m here in my school’s computer lab typing this up for you all right now.

But fear not! My computer has been shipped away to be fixed and should hopefully be back within a week. And now, if anyone ever needs computer help in Rome, I can direct you to a whole slew of stores that can help you out.

But let’s get on to the exciting stuff. Although a little delayed, I’m here to tell you about my first trip outside of Roma! And what better place to go than Carnevale di Venezia (the Carnival of Venice)?

My journey started at Roma Termini, the main train station in Rome. I was meeting up with some friends in Venice who were flying in, so I took un treno (a train) right from Rome to Venice. Clearly I’m a child of the technological age, as I was in slight awe when the departure board was not digital, instead using flaps to update i viaggiatori (the travelers) on when and where their trains were leaving from. Can you see the individual flaps?

We were all pretty eager to start exploring, so as soon as we were settled we got on our way. Venice is beautiful at night,

but it’s pretty exciting during the day too! Look at all those people!

We basically covered your typical Venice agenda (and for my friends who were coming from outside of Italy, the typical Italy agenda): we ate a lot of food and a TON of gelato,

walked around Piazza San Marco,

and looked at all the people dressed up in their Carnevale costumes.

And when we finally felt out of the Carnevale loop, we got some masks of our own! (That’s mine!)

And of course, we went for a gondola ride. I have to say, even though it was fun walking around and taking part in all of the Carnevale festivities, it was nice to take a break from the crowds and relax in the gondola. (That’s not actually us, but it was hard to get a good picture of our whole gondola while we were sitting in it.)

Riding along the canals…

On our final day in Venice, we took un vaporetto (a waterbus) to l’isola (the island) Murano, which is famous for making glass. We went into one of the factories and got to see how glassblowing works.

Some finished products!

Venice was pretty incredible and a great choice for my first trip outside of Rome. It’s nice to be back in the Eternal City, but I also can’t wait to see some more of Italy! Ciao for now!

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