La Neve!

So I’ve been in Rome for about two weeks now. Late last week, people started talking about how it was supposed to snow. But wait a minute…I didn’t think it snowed in Rome.

Well apparently, it doesn’t. At least not that often. But all of a sudden I wake up this weekend and see this! (Photo courtesy of my roommate.)

According to Reuters, this is the most snow Rome has experienced since the 80s. Some parts of Rome apparently got around 15 inches! No wonder people were so eager to have snowball fights and make snow creatures like these guys:

Even though it may have been fun to watch, it wasn’t exactly the best weather for exploring. It was a little more difficult to get around, as the trams stopped running for a day. I’m not exactly sure what was going on, but I did see these people power washing the tracks the day they were closed.

Sites like the Colosseum and Largo Argentina (also known as “The Sacred Area of Largo Argentina”), pictured below, were also closed. Largo Argentina also serves as a cat shelter, so people were pleased to know that the cats had been taken care of.

Even though it was a bit cold and snowy, I still went out and got some gelato over the weekend. It’s never too cold or too snowy for gelato! Hopefully it’ll warm up again soon though so I can get back to exploring the city!

One thought on “La Neve!

  1. Isabell

    We’re so glad that we’ll get to live vicariously thgrouh your adventures! I just had lunch with a friend who had a caprese salad and when I saw it, I instantly wished that I had ordered it! We had a wonderful trip to Western PA and are gearing up for the school year. Noah will always remember his 12th birthday (yesterday) the year his mom yelled at him for shaking the lunch table when in fact it was an earthquake! Love you both so much, Suzie and the kids.


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