We just couldn’t stop at 10…

Last week we posted our top 10 Italian Christmas picks, but afterwards, we realized 10 just weren’t enough, so here we are with round two! Take a look at 10 more spectacular items perfect for all your Italy-loving friends and family (and as usual, you can find all items on our store website!).

1. Ferrari Hot Wheels. Italy is known for producing sleek sports cars, and arguably one of the most well known manufacturers is Ferrari. We know that the real deal might be a little hard to afford, so for your auto-obsessed kids, why not give them a taste of the luxury vehicle with this Ferrari set from Mattel?

2. At-Home Wine Kit. Know somebody who has a fondness for wine? Instead of just drinking it, they can now make their own! Note: Stomping on grapes is not necessary 😉

3. Pizzelle Maker. Nope, it’s not a waffle maker. It’s a Piazzelle maker! Pizzelle are Italian waffle cookies, and we have to say, the snowflake design it produces is just too beautiful to resist!

4. Olivella Shampoo. Who doesn’t love olive oil? Keep your hair clean and fresh with this shampoo that takes advantage of extracts from our favorite oil.

5. Handmade Oil Bottle. And if you just so happen to have the real deal in your kitchen right now, why not store it in a beautiful handmade oil bottle straight out of Vicenza, Italy?

6. Italian Roast Espresso Coffee Beans. Sometimes it seems like you won’t be able to make it through the day without a cup of coffee, and isn’t it so much better when you can make a good cup at your house instead of having to buy it on the run?

7. Espresso Maker. But wait a minute! You need an espresso maker to make your espresso! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

8. Taste of Italy Gift Basket. It doesn’t get much easier to give a bit of Italy to someone than with this “Taste of Italy” gift basket! Some of the contents include chocolate, olive oil, cookies, and pasta. Mmmm…

9. Italian Music. Giuseppe Verdi was an Italian composer mostly known for his operas. If you know someone who’s already a fan or is looking to get into opera music, this greatest hits CD could be right up their alley.

10. 2012 Italy Calendar. Don’t forget what day it is! Make it easy and invest in a calendar. The images of Italy will keep you inspired whenever you’ve got a case of the Mondays.

So there you have it! Ten more Italian-inspired Christmas gifts. Happy shopping and let us know if you have any further gift suggestions!

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