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Summer Camp Italian Style!

Camp Italiano has come and gone, but what a great time it was! We covered so many different themes that went along perfectly with the summer season!

To start things off, our first theme this summer was fireworks (i fuochi artificiali). On fireworks day, we played in the sprinklers, sang songs, and did a fireworks craft! The kids glittery fireworks against black paper looked like they could truly light up the night sky. That wasn’t the only bright and fiery theme though; two of our other themes were the sun (il sole) and outer space (lo spazio).

We also had some fun with the circus (il circo) and sea animals (gli animali del mare). And besides making crafts, the kids got their chance to make (or eat!) food on pizza day and gelato day. On pizza day, we made our own tasty pizza margherita with mozzarella, basilico, and pomodori. It was just like being in Napoli! Gelato day was filled with delicious treats as well that were perfect for combating the summer heat.

And finally, the last two themes were community workers where the campers learned who pompieri, polizzoti, cuochi, contandini, insegnanti, and dottori are, and Venezia day. On Venezi day, the kids dressed up as gondolieri with the help of that day’s craft, striped t-shirts that they painted!

Besides all of this, every day the kids also had playtime, snack time, music, arts and crafts, story time, and outdoor playtime with water. All of this combined with each day’s theme made for a great camp experience, and we can’t wait until next year!

In case you missed one, here’s a list of all the daily camp themes from this summer:

– fireworks (i fuochi artificiali)

– the sun (il sole)

– the circus (il circo)

– sea animals (gli animali del mare)

– outer space (lo spazio)

– community workers (la communita

– pizza day

– gelato day

– Venezia day

And you can view all our camp photos on our facebook page.

Until next summer – arrivederci camp italiano!