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C’era una volta…


C’era una volta un re e una regina che apartenevono al reame pi importante nel mondo. Un giorno il loro nipote, il principe Will, si spos con la donna pi bella del mondo, Kate. Subito dopo il matrimonio si diventarono il duca e la duchessa del Cambridge. Tutti Sperano che si vivino felici e contenti per sempre. Ta da!

And so goes our modern day fairy tale. So on the occasion of the Royal Wedding, we too at La Piazza di Carolina are celebrating. We chose to read some famous princess tales in Italian: Cenerentola (Cinderella) and Biancaneve (Snowwhite) and then role played our own royal wedding in fancy attire and crowns. To top it off we had a brindisi (toast) of suco di mela (apple juice) and tortini (cupcakes) and danced at the ballo.

Il_principe_e_principessa DSC06448 DSC06449

DSC06450 DSC06452

Cenerentola coloring page

Principessa coloring page

Here’s our royal vocabulary list:

la principessa princess
il principe prince
il castello castle
il cavallo bianco white horse
il re king
la regina queen
la corona crown
il principe azzurro prince charming
il ballo the ball (dance)

Don’t Be Fooled by the Italian Language!


One of the benefits while learning to speak Italian is that there are many cognates, or parole simili – Italian words that resemble English words and have similar meanings. There are minor differences in spelling between English and Italian cognates. However there are a few patterns that are easily recognizable:

zione = tion inflazione inflation
t  = ty universit  university
oso = ous famoso famous
za = ce apparenza appearance
ismo = ism turismo tourism
ssione = ssion impressione impression
BUT – ATTENZIONE! There are some words that may seem like cognates but are actually falsi amici (literally false friends) – false cognates. So don’t be fooled!
some common mistakes are:
camera room NOT an object that takes photographs
confrontare to compare NOT confront
fattoria farm NOT factory
intendere to understand, hear, want NOT to intend to
libreria bookstore NOT library
magazzino store, warehouse NOT magazine
parente relative NOT parent
peperoni hot peppers NOT the spicy salami we put on pizza
As always, practice makes perfect. So should you find yourself foolishly mistaking your Italian cognates, not to worry, because real-life experience will be your best studying tool.
Allora, parliamo italiano!
Can you think of more falsi amici in italiano?