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Happy Thanksgiving!

Although Thanksgiving is strictly an American holiday, the children at La Piazza di Carolina learned how to celebrate it “alla italiana.”

First we learned about the history of Thanksgiving, (la storia del Ringraziamento). The pellegrini (pilgrims) came from far away across the ocean to America in una barca called the Mayflower. They came to build a new chiesa (church) to practice their own religione. But the inverno was so duro and freddo in their new home in America. Luckily they made new amici, the indiani americani, who taught them how to grow granturco (corn) and zucche (squash), and how to hunt (fare la caccia) for tacchino (turkey) and fish (pesce).

Nell’autunno (the fall), their harvest (raccolto) was so abundant, so they had a grande festa with the indiani for tre giorni (three days). They were very thankful (erano pieni del ringraziamento.)

We learned how to say Thanksgiving food in Italian and pretended to eat them.






Then we made our own granturco out of carta leggera (tissue paper) and chicchi di granturco (corn kernals).


Finally we pretended to be pellegrini (pilgrims) by wearing our school-made cappelli di pellegrini (pilgrim hats).



Here’s our list of Thanksgiving words in Italian:

Buona Festa del Ringraziamento Happy Thanksgiving!
il tacchino turkey
il granturco corn
le patate dolci sweet potatoes
il pane bread
le verdure vegetables
il ripeino stuffing
il pellegrini pilgrims
ringraziare to give thanks
la torta di zucca pumpkin pie

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!