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Dolcetto o scherzetto?

Halloween, a VERY American “holiday,” is actually starting to catch on in Italy. Italians are very curious about what all the fuss is. I’ve heard that people are starting to carve pumpkins and kids are running around in costumes too, knocking on doors asking, “Dolcetto o scherzetto?” Hey, it’s another day in Italy for una festa! So why not?

Of course, at La Piazza di Carolina, celebrating Halloween would not be missed. We had a costume party and the children came dressed as, il uomo di ragno (spider man), la fata Tinker (Tinkerbell), un’ape (a bumble bee), una bambina giapponese (a japonese girl), una principessa d’argento (a silver princess), un dinosauro, (a dinosaur), un gatto, (a cat), una ragazza degli anni sessanta (a hippie girl), e altri super eroei (and other super heroes that really I don’t know of because I never had litttle boys of my own – only girls!).


We rehearsed our Cinque piccole zucche poem, read a book on Halloween themes, and made an awesome craft – a Halloween mobile with a zucca, strega, pipistrello, and fantasma.


To top it all off we ate organic cupcakes – tortine – brought in by one of the moms. Another fabulous day in asilo italiano!

“Come ti vesti per Halloween?” What are you going to be for Halloween?
il fantasma ghost
la strega- witch

la scopa broom

il gatto nero – black cat
la zucca intagliata – jack o lantern
il pipistrello – bat

il ragno spider

lo scheletro – skeleton
il teschio – skull
le caramelle – candy
i costumi – costumes
la maschera – mask
il gufo – owl
la casa stregata – haunted house
il vampiro – vampire

Le mele

Our lesson on apples (le mele) was a fun and informative one. We learned that apples come in many colors: rosso, verde, and giallo, and that they grow on trees (alberi).


We also talked about all the yummy things you can make with apples like apple pie, (crostata di mela), apple sauce (puree di mela) and apple cider (succo di mela).


Of course we cut up some apples in slices (uno spicchio) for snack (merenda).

We also took the opportunity to learn about the parts of the mela. The outside (fuori) is called the buccia, and inside (dentro) we find the semi (seeds).

We did our craft by dipping two apples halves into red and white paint and then stamping them on contruction paper. We labeled the parts in Italian. 397

We hope you review these new words with your Italian-learning child.

Al piu’ presto!