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Cinque piccole zucche

Cinque piccole zucche

La Piazza di Carolina, asilo italiano


October is a great time to do a lesson about pumpkins le zucche. This is one of our favorite topics because there is material available in English and Italian.

We start by introducing the word la zucca for pumpkin. We show real pumpkins and cut-out pumpkins that we pass around and have the kids repeat the word.

pumpkins jack_o_lantern

We talk about the color, arancione, and have kids find orange things in the classroom.

We then read the book: “Five Litte Pumpkins”, by Dan Yaccarino. We translate it in Italian.


We also listen to the poem in Italian, Cinque piccole zucche, which can be found on the

Teach Me Everyday Italian Volume 2 teach_me_everday_Italian_Vol_2

We memorize the poem in Italian:

Cinque piccole zucche sedute sul muretto
La prima dice: Cielo, fa freschetto!
La seconda dice: Le streghe son nel vento.
La terza dice: Io non mi spavento.
La quarta dice: Dobbiamo presto partire.
La quinta dice: Oh no! Mi voglio divertire.
Huuh “Huuh dice il vento. La luce se ne va
E le zucche fuggono di qua e di l .

Watch our video here. Click Here

Finally we make a crafty picture of the scene.